God gave us the vision and the mission, so we are committed to go to different churches in the world with diverse backgrounds and denominations, to share God’s teaching to believers on how to become God’s worshipers.

Besides leading various worship events, music concerts, and training workshops, we also focus on training the brothers and sisters of Christ in music ministry.  Based on the level of experience and needs, we customize the training materials and apply music as an effective tool to maximize the benefits for the local churches, and create more God’s true worshippers.

We thank God for his guidance over the last 16 years. Wherever we have traveled, He has always expanded us by leading us to others with the same vision, who responded to God’s calling to become part of the jnX family.


Challenges of Ministry’s Development

A worship ministry that is deep and effective is not an ordinary ministry, whose fruit can be quickly seen. It requires “time” and a process of “life-renewing experiences” by God. God has a special plan for every single person, and we are all on a unique spiritual journey with Him.

There have been times during a worship event where we have seen someone touched by God’s presence who immediately decided to surrender his life to God.  But we have also witnessed another believer who experienced the power of God, 10 years after jnX had planted the seed!

As our ministry continues to expand, we need your support more than ever. We hope that God helps you to share our vision, and partner with us. You can support us through the following options:

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Whom We’ve Served

Since 2001, jnX has visited 19 countries and 119 cities to serve churches with different cultures, backgrounds, and denominations. Wherever God asks us to go, the joyful noise Xpress will go and follow His guidance completely to finish whatever He entrusted in our mission.

Northern California, USA

Agape Vineyard Christian Fellowship (San Francisco)
三藩市愛修葡萄園教會 (加州三藩市)

Asian American Baptist Caucus

Berkeley Chinese Baptist Church (Berkeley)
Berkeley 柏克萊華人浸信會 (加州 Berkeley)

Builder of Christian Artists International (San Francisco)
國際基督徒培藝協會 (加州三藩市)

Campus Evangelistic Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley
大學校園團契 (加州 Berkeley)

Chinatown Independent Baptist Church (San Francisco)
三藩市華人自立浸信會 (加州三藩市)

Chinese Agape Vineyard Christian Fellowship (San Jose)
南灣愛修葡萄園教會 (加州 San Jose)

Chinese Baptist Church Of San Jose (Campbell)
聖荷西華人浸信會 (加州 Campbell)

Chinese Bible Baptist Church (Los Altos)
中華聖經浸信會 (加州 Los Altos)

Chinese Christian Mission

Chinese Church in Christ at North Valley (Milpitas)
北區基督徒會堂 (加州 Milpitas)

Chinese Community United Methodist Church (Oakland)
屋崙華人聯合衛理公會 (加州屋崙)

Christian Witness Theological Seminary (Concord)
基督工人神學院 (加州 Concord)

Church of God in Oakland (Oakland)
屋崙神的教會 (加州屋崙)

Community Baptist Church (San Mateo)
聖馬刁社區浸信會 (加州 San Mateo)

Crosspoint Chinese Church of Silicon Valley (Milpitas)
矽谷匯點華人教會 (加州 Milpitas)

Culture Regeneration Research Society – USA Office

Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church (San Francisco)
華人金巴崙長老會 (加州三藩市)

De Anza College Grace Fellowship (Cupertino)
地安莎學生天恩團契 (加州 Cupertino)

Faith Chinese Alliance Church (Oakland)
華人宣道會信心堂 (加州屋崙)

First Chinese Baptist Church of San Francisco
三藩市第一華人浸信會 (加州三藩市)

Forerunner Christian Church (Fremont)
基督教慕主先鋒教會 (加州 Fremont)

Fremont Chinese Evangelical Free Church (Fremont)
菲利蒙播道會 (加州 Fremont)

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (International San Francisco Bay Area Chinese Chapter)

Golden Gate Christian Reformed Church
三藩市金門基督教會 (加州三藩市)

Good News Community Church (Mountain View)
新生命福音堂 (加州 Mountain View)


Grace Chinese Alliance Church (Concord)
恩信華人宣道會 (加州 Concord)

Kwong Wah Baptist Church (Sunnyvale)
光華浸信會 (加州 Sunnyvale)

Laguna Chinese Baptist Church (Elk Grove)
Laguna 華人浸信會 (加州 Elk Grove)

Lord’s Grace Christian Church (Mountain View)
主恩基督教會 (加州 Mountain View)

Life Lutheran Church (Richmond)
信義會生命堂 (加州 Richmond)

LinkSon Production

Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit (San Francisco)
路德會聖靈堂 (加州三藩市)

Malachi 4:6 Network (加州 San Jose)

Peninsula Agape Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Millbrae)
中灣愛修葡萄園教會 (加州 Millbrae)

San Bruno Chinese Church (San Bruno)
活泉華人教會 (加州 San Bruno)

San Francisco Evangelical Free Church
三藩市播道會 (加州三藩市)

San Francisco Evangelical Free Church Sunset Campus
三藩市播道會日落區分堂 (加州三藩市)

San Jose State University Chinese Campus Fellowship
聖荷西州立大學團契 (加州 San Jose)

Shoreline Community Church (Mountain View)

Silicon Valley Alliance Church (Milpitas)
信實谷宣道會 (加州 Milpitas)

Silicon Valley Christian Assembly (Santa Clara)
矽谷基督徒聚會 (加州 Santa Clara)

Southbay Chinese Baptist Church (San Jose)
南灣中華浸信會 (加州 San Jose)

Stockton Chinese Baptist Church (Stockton)
士德頓華人浸信會 (加州 Stockton)

United Chinese Christian Athletic Association

Victory International Church (San Mateo)

West Coast Chinese Christian Conference

West Valley Christian Alliance Church (San Jose)
恩泉谷宣道會 (加州 San Jose)

Southern California, USA

Los Angeles Chinese Alliance Church

Praise Institute, Inc.

Vineyard of Hope (Hacienda Heights, CA)
福樂之家 (加州 Hacienda Heights)

Hawaii, USA

Salvation Army Kauluwela Mission Corps (Honolulu, HI)

Kauluwela Mission Corps
(夏威夷 Honolulu) 

Illinois, USA

Chinese Baptist Church of Northwest Suburbs (Chicago, IL)
芝城西北郊華人浸信會 (芝加哥)

Michigan, USA

Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church (Ann Arbor, MI)
安城華人基督教會 (密西根州 Ann Arbor)

New York, USA

Brooklyn Chinese Baptist Church (Brooklyn, NY)
布碌崙華人浸信會 (紐約州 Brooklyn)

Creator’s Voice (New York City, NY)
主音社 (紐約市)

Grace Faith Church (New York City, NY)
恩信教會 (紐約市)

Pennsylvania, USA

American Baptist Churches International Ministries (Valley Forge, PA)
美國浸信會國際事工 (賓州 Valley Forge)

Chinese Christian Church and Center (Philadelphia, PA)
中華基督教會暨服務中心 (賓州費城)

Texas, USA

Arlington Chinese Church (Arlington, TX)
雅靈頓華人教會 (德州 Arlington)

Austin Chinese Church (Austin, TX)
奧斯汀華人教會 (德州 Austin)

First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas (Dallas, TX)
恩典華人浸信會 (德州 Dallas)

Grace Chinese Baptist Church (Dallas, TX)
達城第一華人浸信會 (德州 Dallas)

Southwest Chinese Baptist Church (Houston, TX)
西南華人浸信會 (德州 Houston)

Washington, USA

Seattle Chinese Alliance Church (Seattle, WA)

Seattle Chinese Baptist Church (Seattle, WA)

Montreal Chinese Alliance Church (Montreal, Quebec)
滿地可華人宣道會 (魁北克省, 滿地可)

Assembly of God Yuen Long Gospel Center

China Graduate School of Theology

Christian Gospel Disciples Church

Elim Christian Bookstore

Hong Kong Association of Christian Music Ministry Ltd.

Hong Kong Christian Artist Summit
頌讚傳心 Sing

Hong Kong Swatow Christian Church

Jubliee Ministries

Koinonia Church

Kowloon Methodist Church

Salvation Army

Salvation Army Chai Wan Corps

Shatin Baptist Church

Swatow Christian Church in Wah Fu

Tai Kok Tsui Church of Foursquare Gospel

Ao Baptist Church (Dimapur, Nagaland)

Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (Guwahati, Assam)
東北印度浸聯會 (Guwahati, Assam)

Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (Diphu, Karbi Anglong, Assam)

Kuki Baptist Convention Central Church (Imphal, Manipur)

Lotha Baptist Church (Dimapur, Nagaland)

Manipur Baptist Convention Central Church (Imphal, Manipur)

Mokokchung Town Baptist Church (Mokokchung, Nagaland)

Nagarjan Baptist Church (Dimapur, Nagaland)

Oriental Theological Seminary (Bade, Dimapur, Nagaland)

Tura Baptist Church (Tura, Meghalaya)

The Church of Christ The Lord (Semarang)

The Church of Christ The Lord “Hosanna” Congregation (Surabaya)

Tokyo Sunshine Christian Assembly (Tokyo)
東京陽光基督教會 (東京)

Calvary Life Assembly (Chinese) (Melaka)
馬六甲加略山生命堂(國語) (馬六甲)

Calvary Life Assembly (English) (Melaka)
馬六甲加略山生命堂(英語) (馬六甲)

Gereja Christian Grace Kepong (Kuala Lumpur)
甲洞基督教宣恩堂 (吉隆坡)

Ipoh Garden Baptist Church (Ipoh)
怡保花園浸信教會 (怡保)

Ipoh Baptist Church (Ipoh)
怡保浸信會 (怡保)

Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church (Kuala Lumpur)
吉隆坡浸信會 (吉隆坡)

Pasir Pinji Baptist Church (Ipoh)
Pasir Pinji浸信會 (怡保)

Petaling Jaya Calvary Harvest Centre (Petaling Jaya)
加略山丰收堂 (Petaling Jaya)

Asian Christian Faith Fellowship

Cebu Gospel Church

International Gospel Center

Jesus Is Lord Fellowship

Jesus Our King Ministries

Jesus’ Touch Fellowship

King of Kings Church

Laturan Christian Fellowship

Lord Jesus Our Redeemer Fellowship

New Life in Christ Church

Rock Heights Church

Smokey Mountain Church

Temple of Praise Church

The Way Church

Tribal Church Indulang

Word for the World

World Harvest Missionary Church

Agape Baptist Church

Agape Community Church

Bartley Christian Church

Bethesda Church

Church of Singapore at Balisteer
新加坡教會堂 Balisteer

Church of Singapore at Jurong
新加坡教會堂 Jurong

Church of Singapore at Marine Parade
新加坡教會 Marine Parade 堂

Living Sanctuary Brethren Church

Navigators Campus Ministry
Navigators 校園事工

River Life Church (formerly known as Pasir Ris Bartley Christian Center)

Singapore Overseas Radio and Television (ORTV)
新加坡救世傳播協會 (ORTV)

City Revival Church

Chungshan Presbyterian Church

Elim Bookstore

Grace Middle School

Hebron Kingdom Ministry Center

Home of Performing Artists

Taipei Truth Church

Taiwan Overseas Radio and Television (ORTV)
台灣救世傳播協會 (ORTV)