Trust, Even When I Do Not Understand

Among the many people (50+?) that came to us for prayer, I prayed for two weary souls who had been looking for a job for a very long time with no luck. What are the odds these two would come to me instead of the other six team members, who were also praying for the congregation at the same time! All of a sudden my job search drought became handy and meaningful, as my relevant past allowed me to pray for them with deep empathy! This experience reminds me that while we may not always understand our “fate”, God does. Just as an individual jigsaw puzzle piece does not make sense by itself, it does when placed back into the picture it belongs. May we all have the courage to trust the Lord in each phase of life, especially when He strengthens and equips us in ways we do not understand.

jnX US team member
May 12, 2012

1-Min Story

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