Times of Harvest

Hi! I am Anthony Chan from jnX.  It is my prayer that we will be able to use this new advent of social media as a channel to share our missions trip experiences and testimonies, for the purpose of encouragement!  This will be the first of hopefully periodic updates.

This past October, I had the opportunity to provide training for choir members from 41 churches in an farming community in China.  It was too impractical logistically for me to train every choir member, so each church selected the 2 most skilled members as representatives to come and learn.  They then would go back to their own church to train the rest of their team.  Most of the believers are farmers so they live a very tough life.  It was right around harvest time, so the choice to come for training meant they would not be able to harvest their own fields.  Thankfully, other choir members were willing to share their load and harvest their fields for them; apparently, the community of believers often served each other in this way.

When I heard about this, my heart was deeply moved.  Perhaps this is what it means by team spirit and servanthood!  When I see their thirst to learn and their selflessness, it gave me a lot to think about.  No matter what your role at church is, I believe we can all learn from their testimony.

May God continue to bless your service whatever it may be.  I pray that God would delight in everything we all do for Him!

Anthony Chan
jnX Founder
Dec 19, 2011

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