Stealing God’s Glory

From a previous training, there was one point that has really led me to reflect: for me personally, when I’m on stage, I like to get the praise from the audience. But worship is very different than performance. When we are on stage, if we focus on our own sense of accomplishment, we are stealing the glory of God. When we are on stage, we should not be focused on showing off. We should lead the congregation to worship and praise God. This has nothing to do with our style of performance or even the performance itself. Our main focus is to bring this very worship before God. If we are only giving lip service or techniques, God may only see the opening of our mouths but He will not hear our voices because what we are not singing from our heart.

So sometimes even after the team led a worship session where
the audience was very touched, we do not feel the sense of accomplishment we expect. It’s because we think too much of ourselves. When we don’t meet our own expectations, we feel disappointed because we desire the praises and attention from others. This is not what we are supposed to do on stage. So from now on, before we lead worship, I will take some time to be quiet and to reflect on when we go up on stage, what is the purpose for us to sing?

Xiao Hua
June 9, 2016

1-Min Story

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