Seize the opportunity

Getting started is always the hardest part. Yet, when we look back in life, isn’t it true that the times we overcome the feeling of “I can’t” or “I’ve never done this before” are also the times we end up growing and experiencing major breakthroughs? When I learned that some of the congregation would come to us for prayer after worship, my first thought was to offer myself for other important roles so I could have a good reason to be excused during prayer time. How could I help when I had never prayed in mandarin, not to mention, I could barely understand the accent-heavy Sichuan mandarin! But the other voice inside me asked: What was the purpose of this trip? To bless others and spread God’s love, right? So I decided to push myself and not let this opportunity slip away. I am so glad I didn’t hide! With help from the Holy Spirit, I surprisingly was able to understand enough to pray for people. And from their tears and appreciative looks, I knew they had been comforted despite my limited mandarin. May we all have the courage to conquer our fear and seize the opportunity to be an angel for others, as our seemingly small gesture may impact them in ways we had not imagined!

jnX US team member
May 12, 2012

1-Min Story

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