Wait… (Can. | MMO)

“Wait…” is a continuation from “Love Journeys”. Walking in a journey God called him to start years ago, the songs captured Anthony's experiences and reflections during this time in trusting God (Every Day Every Moment / Every Day); finding contentment in God (Flowers in the Wind); knowing God is by his side in the midst trials and hardships (Never Let Go / I Can Go On Because Of You); dedicating whole-heartedly to God (Dedicate My All); and surrendering totally to God's plan and timing (Wait…).

Bonus Tracks: MMOs for tracks #1through 7 are included on the CD.

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Product Description

About Anthony’s experience of this partnership and the process of producing the album

In 1999, through the songs in my first solo album “Love Journeys” I was able to tell you about the ups and downs of my experience in my walk with God through many years of my life. Several years later, all the experiences I’ve accumulated in this continuing journey have once again been turned into new songs that I am now sharing with you.

Producing the “Wait…” album has been literally a lesson in ‘waiting’. After more than a year of seeking and waiting before the Lord, and another year of ‘on and off’ production, the Cantonese version was released in February 2004. More than a year later, the Mandarin version has finally been completed.

As early as 2001, Peter Kam started talking with me about an idea to collaborate on a project. I kept asking God for His confirmation, and asking myself whether I had any hidden selfish motives in this whole thing. Knowing that jnX has very limited resources, I needed to make a decision that was in full compliance with God’s will.

Collaborating with Peter Kam was a wonderful experience. The experience stood out beyond description as a unique and amazing chapter in my thirty-something years of music ministry. Through the discussions about songwriting perspectives and the creative process of putting everything together, we relished a deep sense of “being one in spirit”.

I hope that the songs that we crafted in the “Wait…” CD project will bring you much inspiration, encouragement, and a deepening knowledge of God.


等… (伴唱音樂)

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風中的花 (伴唱音樂)

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終生表愛意 (伴唱音樂)

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不捨不棄 (伴唱音樂)

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我要向山舉目 (伴唱音樂)

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Dedicate My All (伴唱音樂)

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每天每刻 (伴唱音樂)

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