Stepping Out From My Comfort (Can. / Man. / Eng. | Album)

This album records our faith journey of missions work in different countries; it is also our humble offering before God. The 5 original songs in the album were recorded by our team members at different geographical locations, each conveying the vision God has given us: to bring the Gospel and His Comfort from above to those in need through music. Hope you can also experience it.

“Stepping out is not for oneself; the ultimate goal is to glorify Your Name.”

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Product Description

The Story behind the Songs

Stepping Out From My Comfort / No Matter What Tomorrow Holds
This theme song of jnX’s 5th anniversary concert shares how we stepped out from our comfort by faith, holding nothing back to serve and to proclaim the Truth wherever God sent us. All we could give was our humble “5 loaves and 2 fish”, knowing God would bring the increase to finish His work. We wish this song will encourage His body to step out and bring the Good News to those who need Jesus. As this DVD project has evolved, we have written the Mandarin and English versions as well.

Tears Will Turn To Smiles
The earthquake that hit Sichuan on May 12, 2008 grieved our hearts. As God opened a way for us to minister in the quake-affected area, we prayed about how to use music to heal their hearts. One morning (about 2 weeks before the trip) as Anthony was praying, God put a melody in his head. The next day, lyrics just poured out from his heart and the song was completed. We ministered to many with this song at a resettlement camp and several severely damaged churches.

Spread The Love
We were preparing to visit Sichuan again on the wake of the 1st anniversary of the quake. We wanted to write another song to encourage the people and the churches there. We thank God for the inspiration as the message is a continuation of the previous song. We had the privilege to involve a local church choir in Sichuan as we held concerts in 3 cities/towns. Many came to the Lord.



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Stepping Out From My Comfort (English)

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