Reaching Forward (Man. | EP | Multitracks)

We hope that this EP, “Reaching Forward” can let you refocus on the life that God wants us to have in this era. When the world is full of uncertainties and changes, we have to exalt the Father’s name and power, proclaiming that “You Rule Over All”. Despite the soaring storms, let us “Fix My Eyes on Jesus” and follow Him one step at a time. Dwell in His shelter and be honest to God, “Listen to the Spirit” and ask Him to reveal our life.

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Product Description

An Ableton Live 11 project file will be included with any jnX multitrack you purchase!


You Rule Over All (E-98-M)

USD $18


Fix My Eyes On Jesus (A-75-M)

USD $18


Listen To The Holy Spirit (A-67-M)

USD $18