Nothing More To Ask (MMO)

“Nothing More To Ask” is a part of the jnX Intimate Worship series; it is also an undertaking of a continuation of our overall CD production.

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Product Description

Since God led jnX to start our “Love Journeys”, we were deeply touched by His love and became more eager to “Draw Me Close To You”. We learned an important lesson in faith to “Wait…”. Then we accepted God’s challenge to us on “Stepping Out from My Comfort” and responded to Him with “Nothing More to Ask”, putting our total trust in and submission to Him to do what is pleasing to Him. It is in no way a negative response to having gone through a lot of hardship, but rather a state of mind with peace, contentment and joy after going through a refining process. We earnestly pray that this CD album will facilitate you to experience the refinement by God’s love.

Bonus Tracks: MMOs for tracks #1, 3 and 7 are included on the CD.


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