Nothing More To Ask (Can. / Man. | Album | Multitracks)

This album is God’s special gift to mark jnX’s tenth anniversary. From the beginning of our ministry to the present, we have never stopped learning to completely trust in and submit to His Will, so that life as worship is not just something we say, but has been revealed and proven over time. This is a Chinese worship album that would lead us to worship God according to the Truth and to experience our relationship with Him from the heart. Pray we can all be worshipers pleasing to God!

“Perhaps it’s not about continuing to ask God more questions, but instead, sitting quietly to listen to His Voice.”

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Product Description

An Ableton Live 11 project file will be included with any jnX multitrack you purchase!


Wholly Yours Day By Day (E-103-C)

USD $18


He Who Creates (G-72-M)

USD $18


My Refuge (E-103-M)

USD $18