I Have Decided / No Turning Back (Can. / Man. | Album)

On the album of the same name, the song “I Have Decided · No Turning Back”, comes directly from a testimony out of Northeast India about following Jesus while facing persecution even in the threat of death. In 2014, God moved us to remake several well-known hymns, rewriting new Chinese lyrics and using modern musical arrangements to bring a new interpretation to this generation. Also included in the album are several original worship songs. We pray that through these life testimonies, you too will also resolve to live with “the cross before me, the world behind me.”

“No turning back is not just a resolve; it is the greatest act of faith in God.”

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I Have Decided / No Turning Back:Background Story

In the 19th century, missionaries from different regions gathered in India in hopes of spreading the gospel to this country. They converged in the northeastern part of India, where Hindi headhunting tribes were located. Many missionaries were killed by these headhunters.
In a Garo village in Assam, northeast India, a Welsh missionary testified to his experience while leading his first family to Christ. At the time, in order to intimidate the villagers from following Jesus, the village chief arranged for archers to take aim when the family was summoned, and threatened them to abandon the Christian faith. However, when the father was asked about his decision, he replied, “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back.” Subsequently, the archers killed his two children. They then threatened to kill his wife unless he reverted to Hinduism. The father’s response was: “Though none go with me, still I will follow.” His wife was executed immediately. When the archer took aim at the father, he said repeatedly: “The Cross before me; the world behind me.” Finally, the archer killed him also. The village chief contemplated for a while and finally decided to follow Jesus himself. He realized that he could not stop their commitment to God, even when they were faced with death. He concluded that their god must be a true and powerful God. The entire village was moved and converted to Christianity. There are many Christians in the area now.


來擁戴主為王 (國)

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袮真偉大 (國)

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沙漠開江河 (國)

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避難所 (國)

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哈利路亞 (我的君王) (國)

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我已經決定 (國)

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愛要堅持 (國)

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Jisuni Ja・man Anga Ja・rikg

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擁戴基督為王 (粵)

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祢真偉大 (粵)

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沙漠開江河 (粵)

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安身居所 (粵)

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哈利路亞 (祢是我王) (粵)

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永不回頭 (粵)

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