Besides traveling to different parts of the world to lead various worships, we always put the needs of the local churches first. We can tailor any workshop for you, no matter what circumstances, methods, or resources are available at that time.  We only have one goal in our worship – Focus on God.

If you want to understand worship and the music training more in depth, we would love to speak with you and serve at your church.

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The Biblical Basis of Worship

It is marvelous to see more and more churches developing worship teams and seeing the importance of worship. But as our musicians become more skillful and worship music gets more sophisticated, the greater the danger in replacing Jesus with music as our center of worship.

This workshop is designed to redirect our focus on God as our only center of worship. It is essential for everyone because we are created to worship God.


  • Worship is not about the musical genre or style, It’s about God
  • Requirements from the Bible
  • Spiritual? Emotional? or physical?
  • Worship is a lifestyle
  • Worship and sharing the gospel, righteousness, and care for the poor

+ Feedback:

  • Calibrated our focus back to God, not ourselves, our emotions, etc.
    – Jimmy Wong, Seattle Chinese Alliance Church, WA, USA
  • The workshop is good for both the leaders, musicians of worship and the congregation as well. Following all the principles or elements discussed in the workshop will really please God.
    – Hb. Ruwngthung Awal, Lambung Baptist Church, Manipur, India
  • Helped me realize what worship really is. Gets me back into perspective. Taught me how to be a biblical worship leader/worshipper.
    – Lisa Chu, LGCC, USA
  • Wonderful insights to take home to my group.
    – Toni McKinney, 2004 World Mission Conference, WI, USA
  • It’s renewing and great. Bring me back to focusing God. A Big Attitude Adjustment. Thanks for coming.
    – Andrew Ho, Seattle Chinese Baptist Church, WA, USA
  • Very effective speaker. Very informational. Very good content, biblical based.
    – Rebecca Wu, Seattle Chinese Alliance Church, WA, USA

A Look at Some Hebrew Terms for Worship

This workshop will lead you to understand worship indeed involves our bodies,our minds and our souls.  It far exceeds a set program during Sunday service or a set format we get accustomed to.   This workshop will broaden your perspective and deepen your experience of what worship is all about.

Worship Leaders Track

The objective of this workshop is to provide a safe environment for those who serve or will serve as worship leaders. We will spend time together to learn, to recharge, to support and encourage each other. We will also identify some common challenges and issues we face. And then finally, we will seek guidance from the Lord so that we can serve our church bodies more effectively.


  • Spiritual preparation and senses
  • Are the Song choices and rundown that important?
  • Tips for choosing the right songs
  • How to control and manage run-down
  • Practical suggestions


  • What is blended worship?
  • Why the trend?
  • Music preference is…
  • Hymns versus worship songs
  • The mission of the church is…

Heart vs. Skills

Avoiding a spirit of showmanship is essential for resisting a self-centered attitude in worship leading. Having all the musical techniques and knowing all the skills in leading worship does not guarantee a life-changing worship experience for your congregation. Worship leading is not just about skills as important as they may seem; it’s really about your heart and your life.

This workshop will explore how to keep the balance between your heart and your skill. Recommended for worship leaders and all those who have a calling (or heart) to lead worship.


  • Do I have to be a super musician?
  • Heart first? Skills second?
  • Values in worship
  • A worship leader’s life – on and off stage
  • Walking a fine line in the spot light – pride and insecurity

+ Feedback

  • It was refreshing to get a biblical perspective of what worship is, and it was a good reminder that worship is not about the band or the worship leader. Too bad the time was so short, and yet personally I gained much insight in worship leading.
    – Tom Lee, Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, CA, USA
  • I am encouraged, emboldened and equipped with God’s word by attending this workshop and I am challenged to continue to serve Him even when the circumstance does not allow us to.
    – Debojit Saha, Borbheta Baptist Church, India
  • I’m really blessed from the workshop and I would like to say “Indeed we are destined to praise and worship God and JNX is doing that. May God bless JNX.
    – Pau Thangsing, Evangelical Baptist Church, India

Worship Team Track

This worship discusses the technical and practical problems that each worship team would face, for example, music instrument combinations. We would also discuss the other musical or style related problems that worship leader and team members would face, such as song choices, practices, editing and the entire run-down of worship.


  • Less is more!  and the art of listening
  • Working relationship between worship leader and musicians
  • From D major to G major to C major
  • Can you “EQ” my guitar?
  • Music that pleases God?  It is beyond music!

+ Feedback:

  • Enjoyed the balance the workshop brought. Thanks for truly answering the questions with honesty and wisdom.
    – Jeremy Spence, First Baptist Church, OH, USA
  • Good workshop, dealing problems of both musical and spiritual.
    – David Lu, Kepong Grace Church, Malaysia
  • Good to hear from every member of the worship band share. Layering concert was explained thoroughly through demonstration and it is very helpful to hear how different instruments/vocal come in. God bless your ministry! What you are providing now is much needed in Chinese Churches.
    – Rebecca Wu, Seattle Chinese Alliance Church, WA, USA
  • Good info to use for traditional church striving to make gradual transition. Your faithfulness to our Father is so appreciated.
    – Gail Brown, Wersailles Baptist Church, IL, USA
  • I benefited a lot from the session especially from the teachings and discussions. I get to know the power of “simplicity”, “silence” & team work.
    – Qi Huei Chi, Tokyo Sunshine Christian Assembly, Japan
  • It’s very good. A lot of appropriate suggestions that we did not think of ourselves; closed a lot of gap that we didn’t know how to solve. Brought the team closer in terms of our purpose and being sensitive to the dynamics of the team and the music.
    – Anna Yoong, Bethesda Chapel, Singapore
  • I appreciated hearing from each member on his/her perspective of their role. This workshop especially helped me understand the role of the instrumentalists in a worship team.
    – Ardys Carpenter, First Baptist Church, IL, USA
  • Really enjoyed the discussion. Very inspirational spiritually. Good practical advice.
    – Elizabeth Fakhurry, Arlington Heights Baptist Church, IN, USA

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”
— Proverbs 4:23

(The worship team always includes the worship leader.)

Most of the time what hinders the growth of a music team (choir, worship band, singing group, etc.) is not necessarily the lack of musical talents or skills. It is the hearts and attitudes of the members.

We will highlight Ten issues that are potential stumbling blocks to the well-being of the team. This workshop offers a reality check.


  1. Not to be deficient in vitamin “A” and “C”
  2. “P” on the left and “I” on the right
  3. Tuxedo and Sneakers
  4. God created Adam and Eve
  5. Clean up your closet
  6. Watch out for nearsightedness for the TEAM
  7. Beware of Martha Syndrome
  8. “We sound really cool!”
  9. Don’t run on the same spot
  10. Amos 5:21-24

Vocal Track

This workshop teaches you natural singing techniques based on your natural breathing and voice production process. More technically, it combines “Caruso’s method of voice production”,  “Speech Level Singing Technique” and the “Jo Estill Vocal System”. Really, singing is as easy as talking.

Do you have problems hitting the high notes?  Always running out of breath in the middle of a phrase?  Trying to get rid of that glitch between the chest and head voice?  Not happy with the tonal quality or volume of your voice?   This workshop will help you overcome those obstacles and unveil the mystery of the throat.  Singing to God shouldn’t be strenuous.

These topics could be one single workshop providing an overview of this technique or a series of workshops to coach you on how to master this wonderful technique.


  • The easiest way to breathe and vocal exercises that you can practice any time
  • 3 basic essentials and the wonders of “Vocal Fry”
  • How to handle both low and high notes
  • Articulation 101; emotion and expression
  • Correcting wrong habits right on the spot

+ Feedback:

  • An eye opening experience where I learn that there are more possibilities to improve my voice.
    – Francis Lam, Chinese Baptist Church of San Jose, CA, USA
  • I used to think that my vocal range is pretty limited and there is nothing I can do. After attending this workshop, I have new hopes. Thanks Anthony!
    – Chris Chan, Fremont Chinese EFC, CA, USA
  • Extremely helpful, very personalized, works with each individual and meticulously finds out ways on how to address different issues. Solutions to problems are not stereotyped but varied to suit the individual. That’s what makes the workshop highly effective and insightful.
    – Thea Sonya Raman, Agape Baptist Church, Singapore
  • Very helpful. Gave a very clear picture of overall usage of different voices. Very good explanation of how to use different parts of the vocal cord. Excellent!! Thank you.
    – Daniel, The 5th Home of Christ, CA, USA

This workshop will teach you some basic and easy ways to find a harmony part to a melody even if you’re not saavy in music theory!  We will work on exercises together and some voice blending issues when singing in a group setting like a worship team.


  • The basic scale
  • Training your ear for pitch accuracy
  • Open harmony vs. closed harmony
  • Basic 2-part harmony
  • Techniques in voice blending

We can make special arrangements with your church / group in customizing a program to coach your singers. Please contact us.

Health Tips for Singers

You may have the proper techniques, but without the right physical conditions, your voice cannot do very much.

This workshop will enlighten you with insights, valuable information and helpful tips on staying healthy and maintaining your voice; a must for singers.


  • You are what you eat
  • Vegetable Juice – drink a cup of health for optimal performance
  • You are wonderfully made – acupressure points: natural remedies
  • The art of using herbs
  • You are God’s masterpiece – take good care of yourself

+ Feedback:

  • Highly educational and interesting. Very beneficial. Very informative, seldom seen in Christian seminars.
    – Participants’ feedback on workshop held in Singapore, provided by Singapore ORTV , the organizer for the event.
  • The content & topic were both very interesting, just not enough time. Thank you.
    – Robin Lo, St. Stephen’s church, Hong Kong
  • Very good! Informative & useful!
    – Tsang Min-yan, St. Stephen’s Church, Hong Kong
  • Excellent Talk. Isabella may have extensive courses on it in future.
    – Theresa Wong, St. Stephen’s Church, Hong Kong

Instrumentalists Track

We will periodically offer one-day clinics and multi-session workshops on individual instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc.

Please contact us if you would like to make special arrangements for your church / group. We are able to customize a program to coach your musicians.

+ Feedback:

  • I really like the workshop, it motivates me to serve and know that there is someone supporting in the ministry. It (the whole workshop) is wonderful. Thanks for the preparation!
    – Charlotte Chun, Silicon Valley Alliance Church, CA, USA
  • My impression to drum becomes totally different by this lesson. Before I felt that drum is noisy and loud. Now, I feel that drum also can be very gentle, and is very harmony. Thank you, Bobby.
    – Chin Han Tan, Tokyo Sunshine Christian Assembly, Japan
  • Its really good. I learn a lot about strumming and picking and even the style of strumming in a song, the role of acoustic player in a worship team. Its really helpful. Thank you so much.
    – Momo Rimai, Manipur Baptist Convention, India
  • I’ve learnt some good piano tips in this workshop.
    – Karen Choong Jia Xin, Ipoh Garden Baptist Church, Malaysia

Sound Engineers Track

Sound Mixing and Sound Engineering

The Weakest Link?

Sound engineering has been one of the most neglected areas in churches. A competent sound crew enables the worship team to be less distracted and more focused on leading worship. It also enhances the atmosphere and energy of worship.

Church sound engineers should be properly trained and equipped. It’s about giving our best to God.


  • The role and goals of a worship sound technician
  • The characteristics of sound
  • How to choose the right microphones and use them properly
  • Detailed understanding of operating a mixer
  • What makes a good sound mix?
  • Eliminating noise and feedback
  • Working with the worship team

+ Feedback:

  • Good sound demo. Excellent Q & A section. I learn more about the gain structure and how to set db level.
    – Stephen Sinn, Seattle Chinese Alliance Church, WA, USA
  • I really appreciated the section covering the equipment, and calibrating the system. These are two areas that we have very little local expertise.
    – Chung Ng, Seattle Chinese Baptist Church, WA, USA
  • Kool!! Very informative. Need more time!!
    – Daniel Mung, a participant of the 2004 “Heal Our Lands” Worship Conference, India
  • Clarified some myths about how equipment should be placed and installed.
    – Victor Suen, Crosspoint Chinese Church, CA, USA
  • I now understand better why and what I’ve been doing for the last 2 years. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
    – Daniel Ng, Crosspoint Chinese Church, CA, USA

Songwriters & Lyricists Track


  • How do you know if you could write songs?
  • Encountering road blocks along the way
  • Song structures and breaking down the most common contemporary structures
  • Writing process: Some suggestions
  • Developing as a songwriter


  • Talent versus practice
  • All roads lead to Rome? Get to know the “Musical Forms”
  • Go for the 5 senses
  • Life experience; finding the right angle; the “Hook” line
  • For workshops conducted in Cantonese, challenges for writing Cantonese lyrics: Let’s do it!