“Give praise to the Lord on the corded instrument; make melody to him with instruments of music. Make a new song to him; playing expertly with a loud noise.”

(Psalm 33:2-3 BBE)

Our Ministry

Worship/Evangelistic Events


Our hearts desire to serve believers to become passionate worshippers of God, thus expanding God’s kingdom.  We are  always open to discuss jnX sharings, trainings and other serving events to accommodate the needs of your church or your fellowship.

Worship Training


Besides traveling to different parts of the world to lead various worships, we always put the needs of the local churches first. We can tailor any workshops for you, no matter what circumstances, methods, or resources are available at that time.  We only have one goal in our worship – Focus on God.

Music Production


We thank God for the gift of songwriting, and may the blessings from the songs spread far and wide

We pray that God would touch your heart and speak to you through our music!

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