Looking Beyond the Surface

One time, when I was serving at a church worship event in China with jnX, there was an elderly pianist practicing. She was playing the piano so forcefully that the keys were about to break. The pianist only used one tonic chord to accompany the entire hymn. With what I saw and heard, I could not help but burst out laughing. Since the event was about to begin, I hurried and ran to the restroom to get my mind ready.

As I was quieting down in the restroom, I recalled what Anthony and Isabella had said in the past: that there are a lot of passionate believers in China who are willing to serve the Lord to the best of their abilities. But due to the lack of teaching materials, human & financial resources, it is a real challenge for them to get better equipped to serve. At that moment, I asked God to forgive me for laughing at the pianist earlier.

As I returned to the sanctuary, I heard God asking me, “Will you be willing to go for me? To help them to be better instruments?” With a very small/weak faith, I responded, “If this is Your will, may You open the way and increase my faith to respond to Your calling.”

Not long after, there was a sudden change in my work situation that would make it very challenging to take any time off. At that time, I seriously struggled with whether I should leave this job. Living in a city with a high cost of living, I could not afford not to work. I once again prayed earnestly and I was surprised to hear from God, “I am opening the way for you! Do not be afraid, just believe!” So, I decided to quit my job. I started working as a freelancer, which allowed me more opportunities to help on jnX mission trips. Through His Divine help, God has taught me to lean on/trust in Him, because time and time again, God will always make a way.

jnX Macau team member
June 10, 2015

1-Min Story

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