As a believer, I firmly believe that everything happens to us for a Divine purpose.

For about 3 years I suffered from deep depression.  Basically I had trouble digesting anything I ate and I could only sleep for a few hours per week.  Even though I did not stop ministering, I felt like my whole being had entered into a black hole.  3 years later, God used a situation/circumstance to lead me out of this hole.  I didn’t go through any medical treatment or healing course. People were surprised to find me in a better state with more energy than before my depression.  I realized that being in the black hole had (completely) taken me away from my reality, the center of which was where I felt God’s Presence, Love and warmth.  So now I have a new perspective on this word HEAL:

when a Human Encounters or Experiences Agape Love, one is HEALed!  With such Great Love from God, one can walk out from the black hole and return to their life.


1-Min Story

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