Giving Our Best

Serving in China, we often have to use equipment that is different from what we’re used to.
If you’ve ever been to one of our jnX concerts, you may know that we’d spend a lot of time doing sound-check and making sure the equipment run well because we want to give our best to God. But I have come to realize that giving our best to God does not mean having the best equipment or having the best skills but it really has to do with the heart.

I remember this one time we were supposed to lead worship in this open area, we simply did not have the luxury of setting up a drum set. So what did we do? We put grains of rice into a plastic bottle and made a shaker out of it. And the keyboard that Marcus was using wasn’t some fancy 88 weighted-key keyboard. It was a very basic Casio model. And using those pieces of equipment. We led God’s people into worship. And we worshiped Him as a body of Christ. And this makes me realize that we can worship God in any and all circumstances.

The most important thing is if our hearts are at the right place, that’s the kind of worship that truly pleases God. And I’m just so grateful, that I was able to be a part of this experience with the jnX family.

Helen Lee
jnX US member
September, 2015

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