We are not advertising for Amazon; nor promoting consumerism. But, if you already regularly shop at Amazon, there is one more way to support us by using Amazon Smile. We will provide the basic setup for Amazon Smile below, that way we will receive a donation every time you make a purchase.


One Step Setup

Click the image below for an one step setup to start contributing through Amazon Smile purchases. You will be prompted with a popup asking if you wish to change the charity to joyful noise Xpress. Simply select yes within that popup and you will be done.

Amazon Smile One Step Setup

Step-by-Step Setup

Go to Amazon Smile and follow the steps below. Steps below include setting up your Amazon Smile to support jnX and check your impact on our organization through Amazon Smile purchases.

Open the Amazon App and follow the steps below.


Thank you for your support as God extends His hand to bless His people through the ministry of jnX.

We are able to operate and run this ministry because of your generous support.  Our goal is to reach every Christian who seeks to understand the true meaning of worshipping God, to re-establish an intimate relationship with Him. God has the mighty power to change peoples’ lives, and as we continue to spread the gospel with all our heart, those lives will be used to impact other lives.  This is what God has entrusted to us!

Thank you for being a member of the jnX family!

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