We are not advertising for Amazon; nor promoting consumerism. But, if you already regularly shop at Amazon, there is one more way to support us by using Amazon Smile. We will provide the basic setup for Amazon Smile below, that way we will receive a donation every time you make a purchase.


One Step Setup

Click the image below for an one step setup to start contributing through Amazon Smile purchases. You will be prompted with a popup asking if you wish to change the charity to joyful noise Xpress. Simply select yes within that popup and you will be done.
Amazon Smile One Step Setup

Step-by-Step Setup

1) By going to Amazon Smile. You will be prompt with a page like above. Please enter your regular login information for Amazon.
Amazon Smile Computer Step 1
2) After logging into the account, you will be prompt by a page below.
Amazon Smile Computer Step 2
3) You can then type in our organization name at the location shown below in the same fashion and press Search.
Amazon Smile Computer Step 3
4) After search, you will be prompt by a page that look something like below. Please click on the Select button that is right next to the South San Francisco CA.
Amazon Smile Computer Step 4
5) After select, you will then be prompt with the page below. you can simply check the box and click on Start Shopping.
Amazon Smile Computer Step 5
6) After that, you will land back to the main page that looks almost exactly the same as regular Amazon with a popup showing you a thankful notes. Within this popup, it ask that you install a plugin/addon that will bring you to Amazon Smile ever single time, you can decide whether to use or not to use, but essentially only purchases made on Amazon Smile website will be contributed to the Amazon Donations.
Amazon Smile Computer Step 6

1) Opening the Amazon App. You will be prompt with a similar interface like the picture below. Press on the black line circled three bar on the top left corner to access Settings.
Amazon Smile Mobile Step 1
2) Find Settings and press it like the picture below.
Amazon Smile Mobile Step 2
3) After pressing Settings, you will be prompt to another layer of menus. You can then press on AmazonSmile like the picture below.
Amazon Smile Mobile Step 3
4) After pressing AmazonSmile, you will be prompt to an interface showing the picture below. Press Turn on AmazonSmile. (Note: If you have not selected our organization from Web version of Amazon Smile, this page might be different.)
Amazon Smile Mobile Step 4
5) After pressing Turn on AmazonSmile, you will be prompt with the page below. Just follow through the 4 pictures below and you will complete the whole setup.
Amazon Smile Mobile Step 5
Amazon Smile Mobile Step 6
Amazon Smile Mobile Step 7
Amazon Smile Mobile Step 8