If I had to sum up one of the most important lessons that I’d been learning with jnX throughout the years, it would be a lesson in flexibility.

We have this running joke with the team that we’d be lucky to get the worship set of songs from Anthony 30 minutes before we start. And we often know that the set list isn’t really set anyway! But we’ve got to give him credit. In recent years, the situation has been a lot better!

Anyhow, the reason for flexibility arises because we know that our God is not a god whom we can just put neatly into a box and present to the congregation. That’s not my understanding of our Great God. When we serve – lead worship, in our case, the true leader is always the Holy Spirit. Anthony sets a really powerful and humble example by never forcing anything. If the Spirit is working among the people and we’re leading worship, we will linger on a particular song – even if it means we will have to skip the rest of the worship set.

Flexibility is not easy. It’s often times not comfortable. But it’s totally necessary when we serve!

Helen Lee

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