Comfort Zone

I am very thankful to my family for the many opportunities they gave me to learn music, even from a very early age. In addition to piano, I also participated in choir in high school, where I developed a love for performing music on stage, and the applause from the audience was especially self-gratifying.

I thank God that through my experiences in church, He has helped me to understand that music is not simply a tool to show off my talents. After joining jnX, Anthony allowed me to play on keyboard. However, the biggest shock has been how different his training has been from everything I I thought I knew about playing music! Whenever my playing got too busy, he would tell me “you don’t have to play so much, less is more.” This lesson really hit hard for me, and I have really had to reflect on it continually! Through this humbling experience, I stepped out of my comfort zone and allowed God to break me down and rebuild. Today, my focus is no longer on the keyboard skills nor my abilities when I worship on stage. I am willing to give all I have to the Lord, and give all the glory to Him.

Johnny Chan
jnX HK team member
September, 2016

1-Min Story

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