If we continue to wallow in the pain of our past, we will never be able to move forward.

If you ask me how I face my adversities, I’ll tell you that it has made me examine how deeply I know God.

I have been working in a hospital for a long time and have gotten used to a very hectic workplace. Because I have always been very impatient by nature…

I thank God that through my experiences in church, He has helped me to understand that music is not simply a tool to show off my talents. …

Through God’s leading, I officially joined jnX in 2013.

If I had to sum up one of the most important lessons that I’d been learning with jnX throughout the years, it would be a lesson in flexibility.
We have this running joke with the team that we’d be lucky to get the worship set of songs from Anthony 30 minutes before we start.

Even now God still gives me tests at different stages to challenge my confidence….I can often feel my strength is not enough, or wonder if I have misheard God’s voice? A few years ago, God spoke to me again, and exhorted me to join the jnX family.

I wrote the lyrics for the song “I’m Willing To Be Broken” during the time when I felt the most helpless and miserable; yet, it was also/exactly  when God broke and re-formed me the most.

Sometimes, you can be your greatest enemy. Satan is very good at tricking you with lies. Growing up singing, friends often assumed that I had a lot of confidence and enjoyed being the center of attention.

One time, when I was serving at a church worship event in China with jnX, there was an elderly pianist practicing. She was playing the piano so forcefully that the keys were about to break. The pianist only used one tonic chord to accompany the entire hymn. With what I saw and heard, I could not help but burst out laughing.

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