If we continue to wallow in the pain of our past, we will never be able to move forward.

If you ask me how I face my adversities, I’ll tell you that it has made me examine how deeply I know God.

So sometimes even after the team led a worship session where the audience was very touched, we do not feel the sense of accomplishment we expect.

I have been working in a hospital for a long time and have gotten used to a very hectic workplace. Because I have always been very impatient by nature…

Serving in China, we often have to use equipment that is different from what we’re used to. If you’ve ever been to one of our jnX concerts, you may know that we’d spend a lot of time doing …

I thank God that through my experiences in church, He has helped me to understand that music is not simply a tool to show off my talents. …

How have you changed after participating in a jnX training workshop?

Since my first jnX trip to Asia in 2000, I’ve been inspired to learn and teach others about worship.

Through God’s leading, I officially joined jnX in 2013.

It does not take long for one to notice that the living standard in Sichuan is lower than in San Jose.

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