1. Your church / organization

    2. Contact Person

    3. In what occasion will our song(s) be used:

    4. If it is only for a particular event, please inform us of the particular event.

    5. Name of the song(s) that will be used:

    6. How the songs will be used (please indicate the following)

    Congregational singingPerformance

    Live MusicSoundtrack


    7. Agreement

    For items 6d and 6e, besides the usage of the song lyrics, the user is required to include the song title, the writers, and the copyright notice in the presentation as it is without any change.

    We will email you the official copyright notice with the license# after we approve your application.


    8. Other requirements

    The church / event organizer is required to possess at least either one copy of the original CD, published song book or authorized sheet music for the church / event in order to use our songs (either by purchasing or receiving as a gift). This is how the church or organization (not INDIVIDUAL church member) officially acquires the music and the lyrics of our songs; not from any xerox or fax copy. In doing so, you help to support the original artist/publisher and the music ministries involved to continue on with their work and production to bless the church with quality anointed worship music.

    Yes, our church / organization does hold an original copyNo, our church / organization does not hold an original copy

    If select Yes for Q8, please provide answers below, otherwise please write N/A for all the questions. For any question that you do not know, also put N/A.
    a. Buyer's Full Name

    b. Purchased Format

    c. Order Date (Please try to provide exact date)

    d. Order Number for purchase or License Number for Songsheet (You can find license number on top left corner on songsheet)

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