A Journey Together

Sometimes, you can be your greatest enemy. Satan is very good at tricking you with lies. Growing up singing, friends often assumed that I had a lot of confidence and enjoyed being the center of attention. I do love singing and performing, and I will sing my heart out when no one is watching but I would still consider myself somewhat shy. In fact, I get very nervous when any attention is on me because I fear I am not good enough.

Intellectually, I know God loves me and has gifted me to sing for Him. I am enough in Him though my faith does not seem to be big enough. The fear inside me at times hinders me from growing further. Through serving in jnX by recording projects, and leading worship, I have been blessed to work with a wonderful team and Anthony has always there to challenge us. I know I must face brokenness in order to be rebuilt. When I could not get the songs right the first time or the recording process was delayed due to my part, I would feel I had disappointed the team and Anthony. Thankfully, Isabella and Anthony did not give up on me but instead prayed with me and listened to me, and cried with me. I may not be perfect but God still loves me. This prompted me to more fervently pray and seek after the Lord.

At the end of one of the worship events, I was surprised that a team member felt the need to pray for me. It seemed like she understood my pain and my feelings! It was an amazing experience. I am not complete and perfect yet. God is not finished with me. But I know Who holds my hand and I have a great team supporting me. If you feel you are walking your life journey alone, you are not. God will always find ways to let you know that He has been walking with you all along!

jnX US team member
June 13, 2015

1-Min Story

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