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After I became a believer, no matter where I went, God provided invaluable opportunities to serve, through which HE has trained and molded me. Looking back on my roles, whether in ministry organizations, work, or church, I have always become involved in the “pioneering” stages of development, and thankfully, all related to mission. Even now God still gives me tests at different stages to challenge my confidence….I can often feel my strength is not enough, or wonder if I have misheard God’s voice?

A few years ago, God spoke to me again, and exhorted me to join the jnX family. I was “flattered”, but at the same time, a bit confused and scared, as I was afraid that I no longer had the drive and stamina I used to have. Because of the accumulated long term responsibilities, it was not easy to just simply walk away. But joining jnX, first as a volunteer, then later becoming a member of their core team has been a very unique and deeply moving experience.jnX is missions-oriented and multi-cultural, but it’s not only about leading  worship music; at the same time, jnX is just as much about changing lives, and creating disciples/becoming servants for Jesus.. Many of their songs, such as  “Stepping Out From My Comfort”, “No Turning Back”, “Rivers in the Desert”, reflect my stories and experience. What has really impressed me, though, was that everyone, from the founders to the volunteers, modeled a life characterized by  desire to grow in Christ, God-fearing steadfastness, humility, desire for unity, , and  the courage to embrace challenges, and all without ever losing the feeling of “family”..

This is also how the jnX Hong Kong branch started: , seemingly with no resources yet with abundant provision…..we started with only a handful of people, , but that was complemented by an endless army of tireless volunteers…..How does your life and service today compare to that in your past? Call out to God, if you are willing to obey, your loving Father above will answer your prayer.

jnX HK team member
June 19, 2015

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